Work Philosophy


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It is essential to supply the appropriate level of gravitas to clients and their ideas, to create an environment to encourage creativity and participation and to breathe life and enthusiasm into this process. To see the bigger picture isn’t always easy but by offering something of my own creativity this hurdle becomes surmountable. My overall goal is to supply enthusiasm, experience and most importantly creativity.
[su_column size=”1/2″]I take pride in the working relationships that I have built with my clients, working closely with them to develop an understanding of their culture and design requirements. Through our positive working relationships, my clients have gained a better understanding of how they can work with new technology.


With twenty years of commercial design experience in a successful design agency, I have developed particular skill sets which can be applied to interpretive design, overall branding and print. Simply put, everything needs care and the correct amount of endeavour to achieve something worthwhile. That said, I would like to think that I try not to take myself too seriously and believe that it’s important to try and bring as much enjoyment as possible to the the work that I do for other people. The buzz I get out of this process is feeling proud of the things that we create together.[/su_column]


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