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What makes a successful client relationship

Over the past 10 years I have nurtured successful working relationships with a number of heritage homes, historic houses and country parks. Initially, the aim of these relationships was to supply web development. Subsequently, their websites have evolved in line with new developments in the delivery of information technology.

This has only been possible by the bond of trust between my clients and myself.

Key Features

Two sites were built to maximise the unique offerings that are features of Rockingham Castles’ role as a Heritage Home and as a functioning business.

Both sites were built in WordPress which is a free open source Content Management System (CMS). A design was developed for each using individual themes, their templates and the functional elements that they contain.


See the Castle site for yourself.. Take a look

Branding and Visual Styling

A visual style was created for each site, whilst distinct from one another, consistency of a strong branded identity was maintained.

SEO Optimised

By utilising WordPress, opportunities exist to optimise your site for Search Engines without recourse to more expensive means.

Both sites take account of the changes to the Google Search algorithm and are mobile responsive thus enabling them to feature in search results regardless of the viewing device.

Web Development

The sites were created and installed on Rockingham’s own Virtually Private Server(VPS) ensuring that they have the best opportunity to avoid slowdowns at peak times with unmetered bandwidth.

Content Management

An important part of these two projects was to build the two sites in an environment that allowed them to take control of the content of the site. With some basic training this has been possible and their abilities continue to grow.

Mobile responsive ipad-Rockingham-Horse-Trials

See the horse trials site for yourself.. Take a look

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