The long awaited opening of the Bradgate Park Visitor Centre has arrived.

Over the past year, a plan to relaunch a brand new vision for the Visitor Centre has been taking shape. Whilst the arduous task of fundraising began, a thorough process of consultation and development to create a vision for the look and feel for the interior was initiated. Now the time to evaluate the success of the process has at last arrived.

Working with CreativeGood, Peter Tyldesley, a team of architects and builders and with the financial support of the Rotary Club of Leicestershire this ambitious project has now come to fruition.

Prior to the official opening by Sir David Attenborough on the 22nd September 2016, the Centre has already attracted a massive number of visitors far in excess of expectations. More than 20,000 people have visited in just two months without notification that it was actually open. The future looks bright for the Centre.
The-m are incredibly proud of the part that we have played in the design process and hope that the many thousands of visitors who attend the Centre will enjoy the results.

Sir David Attenborough opens the Bradgate Park Visitor Centre

Its wonderful to see that visitors to the Park can learn something about what it is that they’re seeing. Because you can only learn so much by your own observation. You need the help and information and expertise of other people, so it tells you what it is you are looking at.

Sir David Attenborough

Take a look at the project and judge for yourself.


Peter Tyldesley Director of Bradgate Park Trust, Sir David Attenborough and the Creative & Design Team.