Graphic Design

Creative Design for Small or Large format production

Print ready design

We bring design ideas to the table. With more than 20 years experience we define concepts that will work within your budget.

Web Support

Building and Maintaining WordPress sites and keeping your site on-line.

There is no Flipside

We work primarily in WordPress and empower our clients to get on-line and stay there.

WordPress Training

It's empowerment not drudgery.

Don't rely on others

Keep your own WordPress site up to date without the need to get someone else involved.

We’d love to talk to you about your project. So why not get in touch to discuss your requirements to see if we have a solution!

the-m is a Rutland based Graphic and Web Design Consultancy.

It’s always good to have people contact me especially about work and we’re happy to talk to you about a project that you may be considering. This is where we give you options, you can: Fill in the form adjacent and we’ll get back to you asap or alternately you can contact me.

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