Screen view of the Merchant Ellys Store

A site that is both visually engaging and practical, with parallax images, and a good degree of interactivity the site was built using Shopify who supply hosting packages which take the pain and complication out of setting up internet transactions for small businesses.
The close asscociation of the House to the Hansiatic league and the importance of Culture and Trade are central to the workings of the House. The need to develop a strong internet presence has brought into sharp focus the requirement to use the internet to as one of the tools at the organisations disposal. This is now another completed piece of the puzzle to bring culture and trade to their friends and visitors with clearly defined principles of quality and artisan skills.
They have now set sail on a new merchant voyage to further and maintain with the funds they hope to reap from their new venture the house as an edifice.  The cultural integrity of the principles that pervade the House remain a central goal to everything that they do.
See for yourself

Merchant Ellys and Ellys Manor House is one of the new clients that I’ve spent the last six months working with.

Ellys Manor House asked me to create a simple yet sophisticated informational shopping web site made to focus on the ideals that the founder of this Medieval Merchant House espoused.

Merchant Ellys Shop Page Visual