Bradgate Park takes its responsibility to educate and inform seriously. They, throughout the year organise a broad offering of engaging walks and educational activities. Part of the Park includes the outlying parcel of land that it owns called as Swithland Wood.

The Parks Vision is that:

future generations, regardless of age and background, will enjoy, value, understand and celebrate Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood’s inspiring landscapes and rich heritage.

Bradgate Park Website

The responsibility of the-m was to supply interpretation  and augment the clear principles that the Trust has. Celebrating the natural environment, assisting the public to understand the natural landscape, man made features and the species of wildlife and fauna that still exist in this living environment.
The result, a series of independently sited Interpretation boards and maps to allow users to navigate the park and understand what they could see and how this had been achieved. This post contains a sample of the results.