New client Aspen Technologies, based in Loughborough, came calling for a new identity and better visual public profile. Their business has grown consistently over a period of 20 years and yet as a technology company they, for some reason, had neglected their web presence.
Although a technology company working in IT Support, Cloud hosting and Server Solutions, Telephony Systems and installations, they never found the need or the time to look after their own presence on the internet and had lived with a logo that was developed for them some time ago. This Identity no longer seemed fit for their purpose nor did it give them the outward connective feel that they wanted to achieve. The results of our exploration can be seen here.

The need to develop and grow was the driver behind this new thrust toward a visual identity that fitted their market and which clients would recognise as unique to them;  an identity that was industry identifiable.
As for my personal preference, Concept 4 ticks lots of boxes.

My selected imagery

A slightly simplified version that would work at any scale and size
…and so the project begins