Project Description

Project Brief

Although not a Centenary, 90 Years of Bradgate Parks existence as a public access space seemed an ideal opportunity not to be missed.

It has also resulted in a burgeoning relationship between the-m and Bradgate Park. A relationship based on trust in both design quality and in the finished materials supplied as the final product.

The Parks implicit trust in the creative product, at a cost that is both affordable and sustainable within the Parks budgets, has been an important foundation that has allowed the parks visual presentation to become a central part of its representation.

Initial conversations were based around moving Bradgate Park’s visual offering from the scope of enthusiastic volunteers to a professional presentation that raises expectations of delivery, drive and enthusiasm for the product; the Park itself as a visitor attraction.

Visual A

Visual B

Where to now

The Park now looks to move beyond its traditional sources of finance.

The appointment of a Development Officer and a Visitor Experience Officer has gone a long way in facilitating this process. New sources of income have been identified and are now forthcoming and grants successfully awarded from the Heritage Lottery fund and one further project developed in association with the Free Masons of Leicester.


90th Year Celebration


Celebrating Bradgate Park Trust and their work as the charity that cares for both Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood since their creation as public access spaces, 90 years on.


A logo that would include the existing Trust Branding.

Something that made clear the celebratory event.

A logo that could be applied to all materials produced by the Park for the following Year

Logo Ideas

The Parks Selected Option