Project Description


Graphic and print design, visualisation and creation of style guide to act as a footprint and road map for the exhibition.


Bradgate Park has long since had an underused and dilapidated Visitor Centre that, although ground breaking in its time, offered little as either a visitor attraction or as an incentive to journey to the centre of the Park. A change in Management at the Park brought fresh ideas along with a review of entry charges to the Visitor Centre. This resulted in the centre being opened to the public without an admission fee. This proved to be a minor success and the possibility of using it as an educational resource became clear. However, the desire to engage the public in a direct and open way was somehow undermined by the material and offering available within the centre.


A thorough process of consultation and development was undertaken to create a vision for the look and feel for the interior. Now the time to evaluate the success of the project has at last arrived.

Working with the consultants Creative Good and Peter Tyldesley, the Land Surveyor at Bradgate Country Park, we have produced a multimedia experience that gives an insight into how significant events, both historical and geological, have shaped the park into what it is today.


Bradgate Park is a visitor attraction that endeavours to safeguard and preserve the natural environment not only for today’s visitors but also for generations to come. The Visitor Centre aims to be an educational facility for Park visitors of all ages by enabling them to interact and engage with the items on display.

To assist in telling the story, layers of colour and imagery have been used to provide a structured backdrop with which to communicate details of the various themes and subsections on display. To date, the new centre is proving to be a success with all those who have visited it.

Open to the public

The Visitor Centre opened to the public on 1st July 2016. This was done without ceremony or trumpeting its arrival to get an understanding of how the ambitious vision for the new centre would be received by the visiting public.

An official opening has been scheduled for early September with Sir David Attenborough launching this much needed addition to what is an outstanding visitor attraction.

Key features
  1. Creation of an environment that is visually appropriate to tell the many stories of Bradgate Park and written in a tone that is engaging to members of the public of all ages.
  2. Using colour and imagery, to provide a rich backdrop with clear division between the subjects, to portray something of the park through the seasons and through history.